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On Certainty

Nathan’s ordered world comes unstuck. His job is in jeopardy and, as though this weren’t bad enough, his wife now wants to indoctrinate ...

27,500 words aprox.

Marlwood Manor

When Covid-19 strikes, Abigail is ordered to self-isolate due to existing health problems. She hastens a planned move to a new, isolated pro...

9,300 words aprox.

The Barista

Todd, a barista working for a national coffee chain, struggles to find meaning in his uneventful and unfulfilling life....

12,700 words aprox.

The President

David Golding and his peers find themselves gripped when a surprise candidate joins the presidential race, a spectacle usually marred with p...

30,600 words aprox.

The Werewolf

Helen is asked to tutor Terry, whose grades are on the slide. Helen, who hasn’t had a real friend since primary school, finds herself (rel...

7,000 words aprox.

Life After

Constable Oliver Miller gets crushed to death in a car accident....

1,900 words aprox.


A teenage journalist learns the consequences of relentlessly pursuing the truth....

9,700 words aprox.


Bombarded by dark thoughts, a teenager worries that he is descending into madness....

9,900 words aprox.