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What are you doing on Halloween night?

A woman explains why Halloween night was always special to her sister....

4,500 words aprox.

Annie and Annie

Annie is kidnapped and turned into a housewife by a father and his son. While Annie accepts her new duties, her captors are annoyed when the...

7,000 words aprox.

Sparky and Frieda

Sparky is released from prison after having served thirty years for being a cowboy electrician. She makes friends with Frieda, a stranger wh...

9,200 words aprox.

That Game

Robin babysits her twelve-year-old nephew while her sister is on holiday for the week – but what is that game he's playing?...

9,300 words aprox.

Mister Scratch

A malevolent entity makes a young woman do bad things by having worse things happen if she does not comply....

8,000 words aprox.

The Workhorse

Jippy defies the traditions of her community by going to work in the city. Her people are against the idea of her mingling with what they re...

19,300 words aprox.

The Greenwich Golds

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108,700 words aprox.


A woman suffers amnesia after some significant trauma....

3,200 words aprox.