2019 Challenge is now accepting entries

Posted by Aaron, 01/12/2019

The 2019 Writing Challenge is now accepting entries. The Challenge will close to entries on 20th December, and posting will commence the day after.

I'm looking forward to seeing what stories we get for this year's challenge!

Also ... now that it's December, the Christmas theme is now up.

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Aaron Posted by Aaron (14 Dec 19):

Only a week until posting begins! Here is the posting order:

21st: Aaron

22nd: Falcon

23rd: Jordan

Looking forward to reading everybodys' entries!

Joh Posted by Joh (2 Dec 19):

The Christmas theme is very nice and I'm looking forward to reading everyone's entries!

Falcon Posted by Falcon (1 Dec 19):

Looking forward to reading everyone's entries this year as I believe we are on course to have three of them in total. I am still working away at my own story at the moment but good progress is being made. I like the very festive theme for Write Wise this Christmas.