2020 Challenge

Posted by Aaron, 01/08/2020

We’re more than halfway to December, so I thought now was a good time to open up the 2020 Writing Challenge.

The format remains the same as in previous years: we will accept entries until the 20th December, and we will, in the days afterwards, post one entry per day. As usual, all entries of any length – so long as they abide by our content rules – are welcome!

On a personal note, I have plans to release a short novella within the next few months. I already have a first draft completed, and just need to redraft it and bring it up to a publishable standard.

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Aaron Posted by Aaron (2 Aug 20):

I like the yearly tradition, too. It has definitely become an important part of the festive season for me. It may seem like a while away, but it'll come round quickly enough – just look how quickly this Covid season has passed by.

Falcon Posted by Falcon (1 Aug 20):

I'll have to think of something to write for this latest challenge as it is a yearly feature that I like participating in and it is one thing that I look forward to. I enjoyed reading Joh's latest stories and I am intrigued by the entry that you are currently working on. I am hoping to get my latest novel out sometime soon but there is certainly work still left to do on it.

Joh Posted by Joh (1 Aug 20):

I look forward to your novella, Andrew's upcoming release and to seeing what everyone enters for the 2020 Challenge (although it's a while away, so I think your upcoming Open Challenge entries are more notable right now.) As it's a while away, I'm not sure what I'll enter for this one. There's a fair chance I'll have more entries between now and then, but that could go either way.