Annie and Annie - coming 16/08/2020

Posted by Joh, 13/08/2020

Hey everyone,

I have a new short story that I'll be posting on 16/08/2020. This one is a 7,500 word comedy (although the cover might not make it obvious that it's a comedy...).

Annie and Annie

Annie is kidnapped and turned into a housewife by a father and his son. While Annie accepts her new duties, her captors are annoyed when they find out that she's not very good at them.

Annie and Annie

See you then!

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Aaron Posted by Aaron (13 Aug 20):

Looking forward to it! As Falcon says, you managed to write this one very quickly. Nice cover. 😁

Falcon Posted by Falcon (13 Aug 20):

That didn't take you long at all to come out with a new entry. I'm looking forward to it. The premise sounds unique and comedy stories are fairly underrepresented in Write Wise. It will be good to read another humorous one and have a more varied set of stories to read.