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Posted by Falcon, 16/08/2020

‘Hey Superstar’

A long time ago I brought up an idea. That idea was the Imposter series. A series in which I was to write a story that would blend in with another Write Wise author’s bibliography seamlessly. To craft an entry that would mimic the style, copy the presentation, mirror the speech patterns and ultimately be indistinguishable from the original works of the impersonated writer.

This is of course understandably difficult.

A tall order.

While I did start out with this premise in mind and attempted to co-opt some of the writer’s signature way of writing and their overall themes, it quickly dawned on me that it wasn’t going to pan out as one had hoped. The characters, the story beats and the humour still felt to be very much of my own creation despite attempts to mix it up from my usual affair.

I came to the conclusion early on that what I was designing wasn’t a copy of another’s work, it was more of a homage. A work that was inspired by the projects of the other author. I decided to tackle Joh’s Write Wise career for the first instalment of this new series and I do hope to write something similar for the other authors remaining on the site someday.

Who knows… maybe you’ll even have been inspired to be the ‘imposter’ for my own stories?

As I have decided to ‘impersonate’ Joh, my latest entry of Saoirse is something very different from what I would normally write. For a start, it is much more down to earth than the majority of my entries and it is really pushed along by the various relationships shared between a large cast of characters.

There are no psychotic serial killers here. No mysterious monsters lurk in the shadows. No time travel is involved. No guardian angels keeping a watchful eye. No gunslingers to save the day. The earth won’t fall but the personal worlds of the characters within will threaten to collapse.

It also promises to have one of the highest word counts on the site and even surpasses my first novel, last year’s Dark Legacy, by the skin of its teeth.

So what is Saoirse about?

It is set in late 2008 and takes place in the small, Irish coastal town of Mara. A fishing village with miserable weather and where nothing exciting ever happens.

Saoirse Fitzpatrick is an ordinary 16 year old girl trying to find her place in the world and figure out who she is. Shy and friendless, her life is pretty mundane. Things begin to change when one of the popular girls, Keely-Anne Jones, decides to befriend her after Saoirse is the target of a little bullying by the Queen Bee of Mara High School.

Saoirse is eventually asked to hang out with Keely-Anne and her tight knit group of friends which she accepts with uncertainty. That close group includes Keely’s attention seeking boyfriend Aidan and the introverted, bashful Josh. After a while, Saoirse and the group build genuine friendships with each other.

In the back of her mind, Saoirse begins to feel something is wrong with the scene that she finds herself in. A powerful sensation is building up inside of her. An emotion so volatile that it threatens to destroy the precious friendships that she has crafted and the acceptance that she had always wanted.


Meanwhile Saoirse’s father, beset by his own woes and troubles, knows that his little girl is growing up and fears that she is drifting further and further apart from him as the days go by.

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Falcon Posted by Falcon (16 Aug 20):

Thanks for your comments! There is no publishing date in mind but Saoirse is very near completion and should be on Write Wise within the next few weeks. Despite some initial reservations about dabbling in something I normally wouldn't, I have really had fun in writing it and I am hoping that you will enjoy it too when it is finally released. I found it to be an interesting experiment in going outside the boundaries of my usual stories and creating something that is on a much smaller but more personal scale. Looking forward to your own take on my bibliography, Aaron, whenever you choose to do it.

Aaron Posted by Aaron (16 Aug 20):

Sounds like an interesting story. I like the sound of the setting, too. It sounds like the kind of setting not yet explored in Write Wise so far.

The idea of writing in the style of another, and covering that author's typical themes, sounds intriguing, and I do have an intention, at some stage, to make an attempt at a 'Falcon story' of my own. I think trying to write as another would prove not only an interesting challenge, but present an opportunity to step out of one's comfort zone and write something different to what they usually would.

Is Saoirse being released soon / have you a publication date in mind?

Joh Posted by Joh (16 Aug 20):

I'm really looking forward to reading this one. When you first mentioned the idea of the impostor series, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. I didn't have any ideas myself on how I could participate as I wasn't sure of where I'd even begin in trying to write something that I could say was at all faithful to someone else's style.

Naturally, I was most excited to see your homage to my own stories. As such, I've been looking forward to hearing more about this one ever since I first heard that it would be me that you'd be paying homage to first.

The synopsis sounds like a winner - I really like the sound of it. It sounds like a good setup for some solid character drama.