Are you ready for 'The Case Files'?

Posted by Falcon, 08/10/2020

‘Something terrible is going on here. Something that I do not understand.’

The days are getting shorter... The nights are getting colder and soon… All Hallows’ Eve will be upon us! I hope you’re ready to celebrate the frightful occasion with my latest upcoming story which may just send a chill down your spine. ‘Tales from the Internet: The Case Files of Dr Wilder’ is the first entry of an anthology series, entitled ‘Tales from the Internet’, which will most likely consist of various instalments with wildly different genres.

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays and I always like to immerse myself in this spooky time of year by reading scary books or watching horrifying films or unsettling television shows. It has been a few years since I released an entry to mark the day with my previous Halloween entries being 2015’s ‘The Scoundrel Squad’ and its 2016 follow up ‘The Scoundrel Squad: Sicilian’s Vengeance’. I suspect that this is due to the closeness of the annual Write Wise challenge but I wanted to try my hand at a horror story again this year and it seems I wasn’t the only one.

Like ‘Saoirse’ before it, this will be something of a new writing style for me as you’ll be reading the story via the most inner personal thoughts and writings of the protagonist. This is my first attempt at a first person narrative but it probably won’t be the last.

While I am trying out some new writing techniques for this entry, a few of the places described within may seem quite familiar to the readers.

What are ‘The Case Files of Dr Wilder?’ you may be asking yourself. What is it all about?

Set in November of 1879, when the snow begins to fall, a military doctor is pulled out of service in the Second Anglo-Afghan war to investigate a curious case in the quiet village of Magheralin. Doctor Elliot Wilder, back home in his native Ulster, inspects a British soldier who has reportedly gone mad or fallen ill to some mysterious disease after serving in the Anglo-Zulu war. Some of the locals even suspect that the unfortunate man has fallen under a wicked curse or evil hex.

Encouraged by his colleagues and peers to keep a note of his initial instincts and observations during the investigation, Wilder writes his reports in his case files daily but he begins to suspect that not everything is as it first seems in the idyllic rural village. As Wilder continues his investigations, he becomes increasingly convinced that the villagers are concealing a dark secret…

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Falcon Posted by Falcon (10 Oct 20):

Thanks for your comments! I was eager to play around with some new narrative styles in an attempt to shake things up a bit and I thought writing a story about Magheralin as well as its surrounding areas would be rather original. I don't have much planned as of yet for this new anthology series but I believe there is a lot of room for new and interesting stories to be had within it in the years to come.

Aaron Posted by Aaron (9 Oct 20):

Looking forward to reading this one – and I too like the idea of an anthology series. I think having it told as though they are case notes will be interesting narratively.

Joh Posted by Joh (9 Oct 20):

I'm looking forward to reading this one. The new anthology series sounds interesting, and this story in particular sounds very good from the teaser above. The mystery and setting are good choices. I look forward to it!