'Epic novel' category revised

Posted by Aaron, 22/10/2019

Up until now, anything in the [40000, 100000) word range was classified as a 'Novel', and anything equal to or exceeding 100000 words was an 'Epic Novel'. However, 100k isn't especially long for a novel in the commercial market. Therefore, the 'Epic Novel' category will now start at 500k+ words.

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Falcon Posted by Falcon (22 Oct 19):

Ouch! To think Joh was just about to clinch the 'Epic Novel' title in a matter of days and would have been the first one on the site to do so. Anyone who can write 500 thousand plus words in a single entry certainly deserves that title but I believe we are sadly a long time away from that being the case. My current word count, that consists of 31 entries over 8 years, is only nearly 330,000 words.

Joh Posted by Joh (22 Oct 19):