Mister Scratch - coming 28/02/2020

Posted by Joh, 25/02/2020

I was going to make this announcement on Sunday night, but I felt that a more obscure teaser would be more fun, hence Bulletin 2802.

My next story, entitled 'Mister Scratch', is due to be published this Friday (28/02/2020). The story is around 8,000 words in length.

Here is the cover and blurb:

Mister Scratch

"A malevolent entity makes a young woman do bad things by having worse things happen if she doesn't comply."

With this entry, I wanted to experiment with some new styles of storytelling. The particulars will become clear when you read the story, as will some context as to what the teaser was all about. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

See you then!

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Aaron Posted by Aaron (27 Feb 20):

Nice cover!

I'm looking forward to reading this, and I'm always excited to hear about experimental writing projects on the Write Wise. One of the advantages of being amateurs is the freedom to experiment with different storytelling techniques.

Falcon Posted by Falcon (25 Feb 20):

I am looking forward to the first entry of 2020! The teaser left me a bit befuddled at first but I am certainty interested in seeing where this goes, especially as you will be experimenting with new storytelling techniques.