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Posted by Aaron, 21/09/2019

I had no intention of making any more updates to Write Wise in 2019, but I found myself wanting to do a little programming this week, and so I've brought user profiles into the Write Wise 2015 codebase!

Functionally, they're virtually identical to the old 'writer' profiles, but they're in the style of the new site. Check them out:

I think they look a lot better. Plus, there are now clickable links for users in comments, story profiles and bulletin pages. This means that finding a user's Write Wise contributions is now much easier.

As ever, let me know of any issues.

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Aaron Posted by Aaron (22 Sep 19):

Thanks, gents. It's nice to have the new user profiles in place – the site feels a lot more connected as a result.

Falcon Posted by Falcon (21 Sep 19):

A nice little feature that adds to the ever improving Write Wise site. It is certainly a handy way to see what stories author's have written in the past as opposed to searching via the old system and sifting through every entry ever written. I also like the word count feature as well, which shows how much good work has went into this project, and the list of series being neatly tied into the author's profile.

Joh Posted by Joh (21 Sep 19):

The new profiles are very nice. It's cool to see the site slowly evolve into the new theme. I also noticed that we have a total of 96 stories. So if we had 3 entries at Christmas, we'd hit the 100 mark.

Keep up the good work. The site is looking excellent and is providing us with a great service. It's cool that the writing community is alive and well again, as back in 2015 when this revamp began, it looked pretty certain that the community was for collapsing.