November 2020 Update

Posted by Aaron, 07/11/2020

It was a lot of fun having a de facto Halloween writing challenge this year. I enjoyed reading both Andrew’s and Jordan’s entries, and had fun writing my own.

We will hopefully be joining forces again at Christmastime, for the 2020 Writing Challenge. I look forward to seeing what everybody comes up with.

In March next year, there will be a 10th Anniversary Challenge, celebrating 10 years of writing challenges (most of which has been under the ‘Write Wise’ banner).

10th Anniversary Challenge

I hope we can all come up with something special to celebrate 10 years. It’s hard to believe that it has all been running so long. Looking back at the old entries, it’s fair to say we’ve all come a long way – our stories are longer, the quality better and the genres considerably more varied. Long may it all continue.

And finally …

The Write Wise Reader has been updated to allow users to select an alternative reading style. By default, the Reader uses a modern styling, but for those of us who prefer a more traditional reading experience – with traditional paragraphing and serif typeface – there is the new ‘Toggle Style’ feature:

Toggle Style

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Falcon Posted by Falcon (9 Nov 20):

I like the Toggle Style feature! It shakes things up a bit which is always good. I really enjoyed Halloween's unplanned challenge as well and thought that they were all really entertaining to read. The three entries were very varied too which made for an interesting way to celebrate the spooky holiday. It is hard to believe that it is almost 10 years since it all began. The entries have been going from strength to strength. I have been looking forward to it for a long time and have every intention of submitting an entry for this year's challenge and will mark the 10th anniversary as well. Looking forward to what you will all come up with next.

Joh Posted by Joh (8 Nov 20):

I really enjoyed all the Halloween entries. Hopefully we have three entries in both the Christmas and March challenges too.

It's pretty crazy that Write Wise has been going on so long. The site and stories have definitely evolved and have come a long way since the beginning.

The new reader style is very cool.