Two stories coming 31/07/2020

Posted by Joh, 29/07/2020

Hi all,

I have two new stories ready and I will be releasing them on Friday morning (31/07/2020). Both stories are under ten thousand words.

That Game

Robin babysits her twelve-year-old nephew while her sister is on holiday for the week – but what is that game he's playing?

Sparky and Frieda

Sparky is released from prison after having served thirty years for being a cowboy electrician. She makes friends with Frieda, a stranger who is very bad at speaking English.

That Game Sparky and Frieda

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Aaron Posted by Aaron (30 Jul 20):

Looking forward to reading these. The covers are very nice, and the blurbs have me intrigued. As Falcon says, we've had a bit of a dry spell, so it will be nice to break that.

Falcon Posted by Falcon (29 Jul 20):

I am looking forward to reading them! The descriptions are intriguing and are not giving too much away. It has been a while since we have had a story on the site, so it is good to see that we are getting two short stories to make up for the lack of content recently.