Stories in the Terry Holloway series

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The Werewolf

Helen is asked to tutor Terry, whose grades are on the slide. Helen, who hasn’t had a real friend since primary school, finds herself (rel...

7,000 words aprox.

Parallel Order

Terry Holloway wakes up to find himself in bed with a stranger....

7,100 words aprox.

The Lighthouse Keeper

Maggie Knott lives alone in a lighthouse, on Scullion Island -- an island off the north coast of Ireland. When she disappears, Terry and Hel...

7,900 words aprox.

The Sidmond Moor

Terry Holloway and Helen Miller are sent to the Sidmond Moor, where the locals have been subjected to nightly disturbances for months....

8,100 words aprox.

Echoes at Krimrock

Terry Holloway and Merchant are assigned to spend a week at the remote, castle-turned-hotel Krimrock Hotel.

With no instructions or expla...

8,900 words aprox.


Terry Holloway and Helen Miller's lives are disrupted when Terry is assaulted in an alleyway in London. If only that was their only problem....

5,600 words aprox.