The Werewolf

by Aaron – 7,000 words. Submission date: 27/11/2018.

Helen is asked to tutor Terry, whose grades are on the slide. Helen, who hasn’t had a real friend since primary school, finds herself (reluctantly) enjoying his company. Her entire rational world view comes to be challenged when she discovers that Terry is a werewolf in hiding – a discovery that almost costs her her life.

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Aaron Posted by Aaron (24 Dec 18):

Thanks for reading and commenting, all! It was a fairly fun one to write.

Brisingr Posted by Brisingr (24 Dec 18):

Nice entry Aaron - glad to see another entry in the Terry Holloway series, especially an origin story for the main characters. Certainly adds further depth to the characters and the world in which they inhabit - the plot was simple yet a lot of fun. Good job!

Joh Posted by Joh (22 Dec 18):

Very nice entry, I liked it a lot. It was cool to see a young Terry and Helen, as well as seeing how they first met. Their relationship progressing into a friendship was fun to read, and it was interesting to see a snippet of their home lives and their parents.

I was left wanting more by the end, but a lot of ground was covered. I also really enjoyed the school and exam-time nostalgia.

Falcon Posted by Falcon (21 Dec 18):

It's great to see a Terry Holloway story on Write Wise again, especially since we haven't read about this universe since the 'Demons' entry a few years ago. This entry took an interesting route with the series in dealing with the origins of Helen and Terry's relationship and added to the overall plot nicely. The growth of the characters was very well done for the rather shot entry and the interactions between the two leads felt very natural. The few comedic parts in the story also worked very well. Looking forward to you next entry.